About Us

We had a dream, a vision that was meant to become our lifestyle, lifelong passion that involved the most beautiful and graceful of the animal kingdom: the horses. And from this love, Amargeti Equestrian Club was born, with the aim of providing - professional, affordable, riding lessons and hacking packages for all levels and ages, as well as provide Livery stable services in a clean, safe and relaxed surrounding

What we do:

Horse Riding Lessons

- Pony initiation/​Pony ride for small children

- Trial/​test ride to assess the levels

- Beginners lessons

- Jumping lessons

- Dressage lessons

- Private lessons

- Group lessons

- Hacking (under supervision)

- Educational training

Livery Service

- Full board livery stable service

- or outside Paddocks livery service

- or combination of both

Loan Horses

- We offer horses on Loan

Social parties

- Our club house and all other facilities can be rented for any type of social gathering ranging weddings, birthdays, corporate events, BBQ or any other. Prices can be obtained upon request.

Dog Scootering — Driving

- Introductory Dog Scooter ride with our dogs.

- Introductory Dog Sulkie ride with our dogs.

- Dog training — we will train you and your dogs how to pull in a safe way.

- Rental of Dog Scooters & Dog Sulkie to use with your own dogs once they are trained.

Procurement Services

The availability of Horse Tack/​Equipment or dog gear is very limited in Cyprus, so if you wish we can help you to obtain it as we have good contacts with overseas vendors.

Horse Tack/​Equipment

The club will provide novice riders and trail riders quality gear like helmets, body protectors and whips . Riders are requested to bring their own boots or shoes at all times.