Dog Scootering and dog driving

Besides horse riding, we are also giving our visitors the chance to get familiar with Dog Scootering & Dog Driving, a very fast growing sport in the the USA & Canada. The ideas is to, eventually, form a dog sports enthusiasts club.

Dog Scootering

This sport is relatively new to Cyprus and it involves one or more dogs pulling a human who’s riding an unmotorized kick scooter. It is similar to mushing which is done in the winter with a dog sled. The dogs wear a similar harness as sled dogs and are hooked to the scooter with a gangline. The gangline incorporates a bungee to smooth out the shocks of speeding up at take-​off. Most of the same mushing commands are used, although dog scooterers tend to be more relaxed about their commands and for example sometimes use “right” and “left” instead of “gee” and “haw”, and use “yaaaaaah and “gogooggo” instead.

Dog Driving

Ok, it is not exactly what the video shows. We just wanted to get you to smile. Now, let’s get back to “real” driving: it is a very similar sport to dog scootering and can be done by people of all ages (provided the dogs are well trained and are able to follow verbal commands) The main difference with scootering is dog driving involves a dog cart or sulkie and the person sits in the cart or sulkie. As the dogs are less free than on a scooter, the challenge is to train the dogs to follow your commands so that they will go in the direction you want them to go.